Want to win new customers? BMD gives you access to a database with more than millions of top quality and up-to-date b2b addresses. From a list of manufacturers to the largest, medium and smaller companies. We guarantee the most extensive and precise countries company database on the market.

No matter what industry you are in or what product you are offering, we deliver the best-suited mailing list for your campaign. We can select your ideal target in countries based on a large number of criteria: from a specific region and turnover to industry type and number of employees. We take care of everything for you! Discover the possibilities in the overview below and request a quote by filling in the contact form.

About Business Mail Data

BMD delivers a full range of affordable sales and marketing solutions to help businesses acquire, manage and retain customers. Powered by the highest quality business and consumer contact databases, these solutions include targeted marketing lists, direct marketing solutions, and ongoing sales leads.

Data Quality

At BMD, we understand that accurate, quality data is a key component of your business’s growth. That’s why we invest over $20 million every year and dedicate over 350 full-time researchers to ensure our business and consumer records are continuously updated.

When you purchase our data, you can expect to get the highest quality information available for your sales, marketing, research, and reference needs.

“If our lists do not exceed industry standards for accuracy we will replace the defective data 100%”.

“Data. It’s more than just numbers and letters to us. The right data contains huge potential for your business: it provides a direct path to the customers you’re trying to find.”.

BMD pledge to uphold the highest service and quality standards stems from our team of mailing lists and data experts who collaboratively offer a value-added experience to our customers. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly and helpful extension of our client’s existing marketing department. Unsurpassed customer service, combined with the latest technology and all-inclusive access to every form of marketing sales list available makes Business Mail Data the first call for informed marketers, list brokers, researchers, and sales professionals. We certainly look forward to receiving our first call from you.

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  • Team of dedicated, highly experienced data experts
  • Data sourced exclusively from Tier 1, trustworthy providers
  • Thousands of clients and millions of records supplied for campaigns
  • A proven track record for maximising sales and marketing results through intelligent data
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Who We Are?

BMD has been providing quality data solutions ever since. We’re an independent company and work hard to live up to our customer demands. It’s made us strong and we are proud to be the best at what we do.

If your data provider cares enough to really understand who you’re targeting, you’re halfway there. Match this care with rich experience and unrivalled targeting power and you will start to see why Business Mail Data is the most ‘outstanding business to business data provider’ available.

We understand that your campaign needs to reach the right people or it’s simply not cost-effective. Our independence is our strength here. Because we are not tied to any vendors, we can focus on getting the best data for each and every one of our clients. Our data is unique and comes from a blend of sources that are not available anywhere else as a single file.


We specialize in providing data, database optimization and analytics for the business to business market. Our knowledgeable service encourages our customers to return again and again.


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