BMD’s Business Email Append service increases your ability to communicate with your business customers by providing their email addresses. Even though most business is conducted via email, many business-to-business (B2B) companies have customer data that lack this key contact point. By appending work email addresses to your contact list, you’ll be able to reach your customers faster, using less effort and saving money.

How B2B Email Append Works

Each business email address is obtained by looking up the email domain that corresponds to the contact’s company and then constructing the most likely email address for that contact using the company’s standard email address naming convention.
For example, we would try for Julie Dennis at IBM in New York. Each matched email address is sent a CAN-SPAM compliant email to confirm the address is accurate and that the contact is willing to receive email communications. In the cases where we’re not able to append a business email, we can optionally match the contact to our consumer email database.

We’ve delivered match rates as high as 45% and deliverability rates over 95% – the highest in the industry. By using Business Email Append on a regular basis, some clients have been able to obtain email addresses for 98% percent of their database


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