On average, BMD can find email addresses for 25% of your postal list by matching it to our email database. BMD provide accurate, deliverable results, and we take the atmost care to guarantee your data is safe and secure. Appended email addresses are permission-based and CAN-SPAM compliant.

Email Append Is Done In Four Easy Steps:

  • Provide the names and the residential postal addresses of the people you want to find email addresses for.
  • BMD uses conservative algorithms to match your list against our in-house database of over 500 million opt-in email addresses, names, and postal addresses. Our database is DPV certified and refreshed monthly, and you can choose to match at the individual or household level.
  • A permission request will be sent to each matched email address, so that the customer may opt into receiving your email communications and to confirm the email address is deliverable.
  • Depending on the size of your list, results are returned in approximately 7 days. Successful appends and unsubscribes will be identified.

At the rate email addresses and customer data change, most companies benefit the greatest from semi-annual append processing.


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