Enhance Your Email Database by Adding Names and Postal Addresses with Reverse Email Appending. Segment your database, personalize marketing communications and enable direct marketing by attaching names and postal addresses to your email contacts. Studies have proven that targeted, personalized, multi-channel marketing generates the greatest response rates and, in turn, revenue. If you’ve found yourself with a list of email addresses and little to no other information about the people behind them, BMD’s Reverse Email Append is a quick and inexpensive way to enhance that data.

How Does Reverse Email Append Work?

We maintain an in-house database of 375 million unique email addresses that are attached to a first name, last name and a DPV (Delivery Point Validation) certified postal address. Your database of email addresses is matched against this list to append names and postal addresses to 35-50% of your records. Our postal data is updated monthly and certified for validity to ensure you won’t waste money sending direct mail to bad addresses.


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